No more sleepless nights

Ambien CR increases the sleep latency within 35 days

Ambien is an effective sedative-hypnotic medication that can be used for treating Insomnia and other sleep disorder conditions. It is a federally controlled substance categorized under Schedule IV because of its dependency factor. Individuals who are affected by Insomnia condition can take generic Ambien CR at the initial stage to get some short term relief. This drug has the capacity to gradually decrease the sleep latency within 35 days’ time period. Dosage strengths of Ambien are 5 mg and 10 mg, which need to be administered orally. Ambien 5 mg tablets are capsule-shaped, pink in color and are engraved with AMB 5 on one side and 5401 on the other side. Zolpidem 10 mg tablets also have the same resemblance but are white in color and engraved with AMB 10 on one side and 5421 on the other side. These medications should be stored only at controlled room temperature. It is advised not to take Ambien if you are allergic to Zolpidem or any other drugs that contain Zolpidem as its ingredients such as Ambien CR, Intermezzo, Zolpimist, and Edular. Before you buy sleeping medication consult with your doctor and find out the possible drug interactions, if in case you take any other prescription or nonprescription medications.