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You are not risking anything when you buy Ambien online

safety-of-online-ambienSleepless nights can be very exasperating. If you are not able to sleep well in the night, you start to become sluggish and fatigued. As a result, your productiveness happens to gradually fall down. But there is a way out to this problem of inability to fall asleep. Ambien is a wonderful medicine that can help one to doze to sleep in a very short time. Due to the low price of Ambien over online pharmacies, many people buy Ambien online. But owing to the risk factors associated with buying medicines online, people fear the safety of the drugs brought online. We clarify you about the skepticism affiliated to this and prove to you that you are not risking anything when you buy Ambien online. Read on to know in detail.

Is it legal to buy Ambien online?

Many people opt to buy Ambien online as it is rather easy to place an order for the medication online than walking into a physical drug outlet and procuring the pill. But, of late, many people doubt the safety associated with getting Ambien online. We aim to educate the users over the issue and guide them how to obtain Ambien online legally and safely.

Firstly, it is completely legal to buy Ambien online. Only thing users need to be careful is with the online pharmacy they choose to purchase the product. Check for the legitimacy of the online medical portal by reading their terms and conditions and also confirming if the e-drug store is a licensed medical portal.

Few digital pharmacies offer to sell Ambien online without a prescription. You can get Zolpidem over the internet without a prescription provided you are being issued Ambien online prescription. You can also get the generic version of Ambien i.e. Zolpidem without any risks and in the legal form. The generic version is generally sold at a less price.

How to get Ambien online risk free?

  • Choose an online pharmacy that is legally authorized and verified.
  • Check for the authenticity of the medical website and if it is operated by licensed pharmacists.
  • Check if the e-pharmacy abides by the protocols laid down by the federal drug agencies for selling drugs online.
  • Make sure if the online medical portal furnishes only FDA approved Ambien pills and in the right composition and chemical formulation.
  • Verify if they have an encrypted payment gateway so that your transactions are secured over an encrypted server.
  • Order Ambien risk-free by uploading your physical prescription on the portal.
  • If you don’t own a prescription, then get online prescription for Ambien from the digital drug store.
  • Explain your insomnia condition to the online medical consultants and tell them that you need it to cure your sleeping problem.
  • Order for the required number of Ambien pills online without any worry and risk and treat your condition efficiently.
  • You can also enquire if the site allows for a discreet delivery so that your drug name is made confidential.

What is the drug regulation applied on Ambien? Is it legal to purchase it online?

purchase ambien onlineAmbien, also known as zolpidem, is a sedative. Ambien is also known by the name hypnotic and is used to treat people with insomnia. This non-benzodiazepine compound is short acting, which usually takes place within 15 minutes, by binding GABA receptors.The FDA has revised the regulation only because patients who have taken this drug have sleep-walked, driven their cars, eaten food, had sex and made phone calls to others while half awake and were not aware of their activities after they regained full consciousness or after becoming fully awake.

Drug regulation on Ambien

The drug regulation imposed on Ambien recently by the FDA is that it has to be used at lower doses to prevent its long lasting effect on the patient the next day morning. The FDA has revised the new label and the dose indications of Ambien dosage. The warnings from the FDA indicated on the label based on Ambien regulation Act is that Zolpidem ER or Ambien CR with 6.25 mg or 12.5 mg should not engage in activities that need mental alertness for the next day after the drug consumption. Further, it mentions contraindications,warnings and precautions, adverse reactions, drug interactions and medication guide. The medication guide indicates the dose:

  • Ambien 5 mg for women and 5 mg – 10 mg for men
  • Compulsory 7 – 8 hours of sleep after the intake of Ambien tablet once in the night before hitting the bed.
  • The total dose should not exceed 10 mg once daily before bedtime and the dosage should be increased more than 5 mg only if it is found ineffective.

Is it legal to purchase Ambien online?

It is not legal to purchase Ambien online with a proper doctor’s prescription, though some countries may allow ordering from online pharmacies even without an Ambien prescription. It is a not crime to buy Ambien online if you have a prescription for it. The other primary reason to purchase cheap Ambien is because of it being low in cost online when compared to brick and mortar drug stores. And other reasons are an addiction, physical dependence, and convenience.

Insomnia patients who are in genuine need of Ambien but do not have a prescription can opt for online doctor service that is offered by a reputed online pharmacy and get the prescription after consulting the symptoms. As the Ambien pills are cheaper in an online pharmacy, patients from any part of the world and across different economic classes can get Ambien delivered to their home. Availing Ambien at a more affordable rate is the reason many people opt for online pharmacies and it will be of authentic quality too.

Ordering drugs online may be legal only if certain requirements are met. One main example is the VIPPS (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site) online which is a verified online pharmacy wherein thousands of drugs are administered with government aids and approval. These drugs will meet the quality

What are the symptoms of Ambien overdose? How Ambien overdose is associated with addiction?

ambien overdoseAmbien acts much different from other sedative drug and in fact it is a not a benzodiazepine drug. But still it acts on your brain, thus if Ambien is taken in large amounts, overdoes it going to be a problem. Ambien has been actively on the market since 1992 and the reported overdose effects have been studied since then. The dosage has been very strictly set for the Ambien and it is prescribed that one shouldn’t take more than Ambien 10mg per day. So on a rough sense overdose might by anything that is associated with ingesting Ambien more than 10mg a day. The recreational users and abusers are mostly at the risk of overdose.

How bad is an overdose for Ambien?

An overdose associated with any narcotic drug is dangerous to the human body. Let us see how these drugs work in order to understand how overdose creates a risk. The active compound in Ambien, zolpidem binds to special receptors in the brain which is a major part of the signaling cascade. The signaling is blocked due to a break in signaling process that happened because of binding of an external agent.

Now here comes the tricky part either the drug blocks the normal signaling process and stays idle or they have a stimulatory process that will trigger another set of reaction when bound with other receptors which are usually sedation, anti-anxiety, hypnosis, etc. Ambien falls in the second category of medications. As a result, the patients suffering from disorders like insomnia fall asleep upon ingesting the drug.

When Ambien is taken in more than the required dose it creates problems in the brain as well other organs in the body like liver, kidney, spleen etc. The drug is known to worsen pre-existing liver problems like cirrhosis and other kidney problems, so doctors recommend much safer alternatives in such cases.

An overdose can cause several effects in the human body like cognitive changes, headaches, nausea, vomiting, respiratory problems like difficulty in breathing, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, stimulatory effects like a hallucination, ataxia, sleepwalking etc.

How Ambien overdose leads to addiction?

The overdose is the starter for addiction. Let us take the case of a recreational user. A person started taking Ambien in 10mg per day dose to achieve a mild sedative effect, but once the brain cells get used to the dose it will demand more intake in order to achieve the same effect that he/she experienced before. So the person will increase the dosage to say, 15–20mg in following days.

This trend keeps on going for about a month or so during when if the person try to stop the usage of the drug he/she feels strong withdrawal syndromes pointing the status from dependence to addiction. It’s a warning call to consult a doctor for medical help. Say they continuously upped the dosage Ambien intake, they will finally reach a dosage at which point the organs can no longer withstand the high concentration of chemical components in the drug and the body starts to show unfavorable reactions due to the high dose.

The user might lose normal body functions putting him into life threatening conditions. Hence Ambien should always be taken in the doses that are specified by you.

Need Ambien at a cheaper rate? Buy generic Ambien

buy generic ambienAmbien is a powerful and highly effective medication taken to help one sleep better. It is a sleep aid enabling people experience enhanced sleeps. But, of late, this drug is on the steady fall due to its high price. Many people walk away from the drug as they are not able to afford one and suffer from insomnia. It is quiet hard to deal with insomnia as no sleep results in decreased productivity. Yet, there’s a solution to this problem. People can now resort to buy generic Ambien in substitution to their brand counterparts and help themselves have a good night’s sleep.

Is generic Ambien equally effective?

Many people are worried about the efficacy of a drug when they want to change from one medicine to the other. The case of Ambien is also the same. You might be worried to change from Ambien to its generic counterpart Zolpidem, fearing of its efficacy and might drop the drug casually. But it is not so. Both brand and generic Ambien are equally effective except for the fact that generic Ambien has distinctive inactive ingredients.

Price factor in mind make people walk away from purchasing the drug. Now that, generic Ambien i.e. Zolpidem is available at a reduced price, you might be wondering the reason behind its low price and what if the generic Ambien could be of low quality. As said before, the quality and effectiveness of generic Ambien is same as its brand formulation and there are a number of reasons that account to the reduced price of the drug. But before that let’s see from where can one get generic Ambien and how.

How to get generic Ambien for cheap

There are many pharmacies that furnish generic Ambien for a cheap price. You need to compare with various other drug stores and finalize one that is giving you the product for a less rate than any other place. Also, you can get generic Ambien online at unbelievably lower price as they do not have to deal with the brick and mortar procedures like paying away the store rent or any other maintenance cost not being involved.

You can look out for various online drug stores that render these meds for cheap. Place orders of the drug for required amount by making the payment process and the product i.e. generic Ambien you have chosen to order will be shipped to your address.

Why generic Ambien is available for cheap prices

A large group of people might be thinking of why is the generic version of Ambien also known as Zolpidem is available at a price that is comparatively low than the brand form. This is because, the brand Ambien when it was developed had to undergo enormous research work before it was created. The research involved huge cost.

Also, marketing of the brand drug as it is always created at first goes for various marketing rounds and the advertisement and branding cost incurred account to the higher price of the brand Ambien. Whereas, on the other hand, the generic Ambien doesn’t have to go through a number of marketing process as it becomes popular among the group who purchase Ambien on a regular basis.

How Ambien CR differs from regular Ambien?

Ambien is a hypnotic that treats insomnia by helping people fall asleep and stay asleep.  It is available in two forms: Ambien and Ambien CR or controlled release. Both of the formulations work by binding to a subclass of receptors in the brain called benzodiazepine-GABA receptors. This binding up-regulates inhibitory pathway that regulates signaling in the brain thereby imparting peace and relaxation needed to fall asleep.

The two formulations vary in the way they cause the effect and both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

What is the need for Ambien CR?

ambien cr and ambienAmbien is an immediate release compressed tablet that is effective in initiating sleep but not in maintaining sleep. This gave rise to the need for a longer acting version: Ambien CR.

Unlike the former, which is single layered that acts in one go and initiates sleep, Ambien controlled release (or CR) is a formulation made to release the active ingredient Zolpidem in a controlled manner. It has two layers that dissolve and produce the effect at different times, one after the other.

The first layer is immediately released to help the person fall asleep while the second layer is released after some time to keep the person asleep.

Advantages of Ambien CR over Ambien

This medication acts for longer duration’s (for more than 3 hours from oral administration) by releasing steady concentrations in the blood thereby leading to longer duration of action than its counter-part.

Also, since this form sustains significant levels in the body over time, it is usually prescribed in doses lower than its latter counter-part depending upon the individual’s requirements.

Moreover, it is a drug that has known to be effective both for short-term as well as long-term use, unlike Ambien that is prescribed only for short-term use.

Advantages of Ambien over Ambien CR

The very first thing that gives the former a lead in the market is its availability in many generic versions (zolpidem tartrate) which reduces the cost to fractions, unlike Ambien CR that has no generic form yet.

Adding to this is the studies that suggest that the latter drug may produce certain unique side effects that have not been reported in case of former variant or any of its generic versions.

Which is better?

What makes one better than other is simply a personalized thing, that takes into consideration the physiological condition of the person taking it, the dosage requirement and the indications (long term or short term), that is to be addressed by the medication.

Also, the two forms share some side effects such as a headache, amnesia, dizziness, drowsiness or impaired balance and the risk of causing physical or physiological dependency and addiction is also associated with both making them fall under Schedule IV controlled substance category.

For some, Ambien would do good while for others the controlled release version might sound better and hence claiming one better from another is immaterial.

To sum up

All that can be concluded is that either it is Ambien or CR version, do not decide by yourself, let your healthcare provider understand your body’s sleep need and prescribe it for you so that you can experience the best effect which is peaceful nights with quality sleep with least side effects.

Follow these steps for safe use of Ambien

safe use of AmbienAmbien is a sedative-hypnotic medication which is prescribed to adults for the temporary cure of trouble in falling asleep called insomnia, caused psychological traumas, newly changed time zone, extremely emotional and physical fatigue, disturbance of the central nervous system, etc. This hypnotic drug stimulates the central nervous system to produce a calming effect to the user and helps in achieving a sound sleep.

The active component of Ambien is zolpidem. It is yet to be known whether the usage of sedative is safe and efficient for children below 18 years. Zolpidem runs the risk of habit formation and may lead to dependence in patients who have been taking it for a long period of time. It is also known to cause unwanted withdrawal symptoms if its intake is stopped mid-course.

How should I take Ambien?

One must read the medication guide that comes along with Ambien prior to its intake or refill though it is neither as effective nor does it replace the suggestion of an actual doctor.

  • Avoid the intake of this sedative unless prescribed.
  • Avoid the intake of Ambien unless you can stay put in bed for 7-8 years before you have to be active again
  • Zolpidem should be ingested right before going to bed, not any sooner than that.
  • Avoid the intake of Ambien when intoxicated
  • Avoid taking another sedative to help in falling asleep
  • Read the medication guide for Ambien to find out if it contains any ingredient that may cause an allergic reaction in your body

Who should not take Ambien?

  • People who happen to be allergic to zolpidem, or any other element in Ambien
  • Patients who have a history of clinical depression, mental illness, or the ones who are prone to suicide
  • Patients who have a history of the abuse of drugs or alcohol
  • Patients dealing in motor vehicles or operating heavy machinery most of the time
  • Patients who suffer from a kidney, liver disease or lung disease
  • Pregnant women or the ones who are planning on to become pregnant. It is not yet known if hypnotic medication can harm an unborn baby, or whether it can pass into breast milk.

What is the standard recommended dosage of Ambien?

recommended Ambien dosageThe standard recommended a dosage of Ambien for women is different from that of men. It is 5 mg for women while it ranges between 5-10 mg for men, both are directed to intake it just before going to bed.

Patients who have been taking various other medications that affect the brain, suffer from liver disease, or are old of age are recommended to start with a minimum dose of Ambien 5mg.

The dosage of Ambien depends on the age, sex, medical history and other factors involving the patient. It is usually used for one to two days a week, the treatment should not exceed more than two weeks. Patients must not start or stop taking Ambien without consulting the doctor, nor should they change the dosage of Zolpidem intake at their own will without discussing the possible threats with the doctor.

Insomnia and Ambien

Ambien and insomniaWorking in night shifts, the unbearable stress of everyday life, and underlying medical illness- these three factors are said to be the primary cause of Insomnia. Recently revealed statistics on Insomnia is pretty much alarming in nature and it goes on to that exceedingly 30% of the population suffers from Insomnia condition.

And the worst part is, today peoples’ sleep is 20% shorter than what is used to be some 100 years ago. Women are most likely to be affected of Insomnia twice as much as men. It is also being highlighted that 90% of the Insomnia affected people do suffer from depression. For ages, people try to correlate sleep disorder condition and weight gain. And that’s very much true.

Individuals lacking proper sleep are 27% riskier to become obese. Sleep deprivation has cyclic effects and one such effect is, it impacts a couple’s intimacy. Many married couples attribute the lack of sex life to improper sleep. At times, sleep takes precedence over sex.

Ambien, a sedative-hypnotic can offer short-term relief from Insomnia conditions. And that the reason why individuals deprived of a proper sleep are advised to buy Ambien online legally and take the medication for a shorter period of time to experience relief. Ambien is available in Immediate-Release forms such as Edluar, Intermezzo, and Zolpimist.

There is a highly effective formulation of Ambien known as Ambien CR, which is categorized under Extended Release version. This medication has double layers amongst which the first layer dissolves rapidly making you fall asleep and the second layer slowly helping you asleep.

Medications such as Ambien, Edluar, and Zolpimist can be taken by sleep-deprived individuals who wish to fall asleep (sleep initiation process) and Intermezzo should be taken by individuals who wake up in the middle of the night thereby experiencing troubles sleeping pattern. People battling with various sleep disorder conditions can buy Ambien without prescription after determining the exact formulation that should be taken to treat their problems.

What causes Insomnia?

insomnia causesVarious psychological and physical factors contribute to the cause of Insomnia. Chronic Insomnia is caused due to an existing medical condition, whereas transient Insomnia develops as a result of any negative event or occurrence. Below are some of the other few causes.

Existing Medical Illness:
Stroke, chronic pain, tumors, brain lesions, acid-reflux disease, asthma, sleep apnea, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and arthritis causes Insomnia.

Hormonal Imbalance: Estrogen and hormonal shifts during menstruation can also cause Insomnia

Psychological Issues: People affected of mood disorders, depression or bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders or psychotic disorders are more vulnerable of being affected from Insomnia. Generic Ambien provides instant relief from all these conditions, when it is administered in exact dosage.

People likely to be affected of Insomnia

Elderly people, travelers, Drug users, Menopausal women, pregnant women, People who are jumping shifts on a frequent basis, and Adolescent or young students are more likely affected of Insomnia.

Symptoms associated with Insomnia

  • Gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Struggling to concentrate and focus
  • Depression, anxiety and Irritability
  • Fatigue and sleepiness
  • Night time awakening
  • Finding difficult to socialize
  • Sleep worries
  • Waking up during night time
  • Tired feeling after a proper night’s sleep

Generally people with Insomnia condition strive to spend more time in bed hoping for a good sleep. But that doesn’t help much. Experts say that spending less time in bed will bring about restful sleep and helps an individual to consider bed room as a pleasant one, rather than considering it as a place where he/she needs to battle for sleep. Breathing exercises, meditation, and visualizing peaceful settings relaxes the mind and body bringing about good sleep.

Identifying An Authentic Zolpidem Online Pharmacy?

authentic zolpidem online pharmacyIf are about to buy Ambien online, you can find numerous online pharmacies selling Ambien, of which only quite a few sell the genuine version of Zolpidem. In order to help customers’ in picking up an authentic online pharmacy, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, an organization representing both online and offline pharmacies based in U.S. have drafted a set of guidelines for online purchases. Before you visit an online pharmacy and opt to buy Zolpidem online overnight go through the checklist and check for all these parameters.

At the first instance, ensure whether the website has a .pharmacy domain at the end. If it is so, then you can be fully assured about the legality of the online pharmacy. The second thing to look for is the VIPPS seal (Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites), if you happen to see it at the bottom of the website, it is to be understood that the online pharmacy has undergone stringent checks and has adhered to the standards of NABP. Finally, check whether the online pharmacy has listed out its license and registration number. Make sure you initiate a purchase only from a U.S registered vendor. Buy Zolpidem tartrate only after understanding the working pattern of the medication.

Other ways to find the authenticity of Online pharmacy

An authentic online pharmacy would have a customer care service team. Get the phone number from the online drugstore website and call them. If they pick up within few minutes and answer your questions in a polite way then you can get Ambien from them.

The most important factor is that the mail order pharmacy should have mentioned about the physical address. If you find the address and it happens to be true then you are a legitimate drugstore.

Genuine mail-order pharmacies would ask for a prescription. The counterfeit drugstores online would never mind about getting the medical script from the customer they would offer Ambien to anyone who asks for it. So, this place should not opt at all.

Why is the legitimacy of the online pharmacy important?

Only when the mail-order pharmacy is legitimate, it is possible for you to get authentic Ambien pills. People those who do not mind about the authenticity of the drugstore online end up in trouble both health and legal wise.

If you get Ambien from counterfeit internet based pharmacy your health condition would be degraded by taking those pills. There is less chance that you get to sleep after taking those pills. In fact, various side effects would be triggered. In case the authorities come to know that you have procured Ambien from an illegitimate site then you would face legal problems.

People take Ambien to get effectiveness on sleep but this cannot be achieved while getting pills from such online medical stores.

Get To Know The Various Forms Of Brand Ambien

forms of ambien brandZolpidem has so many brand names. Some of them are Ambien, Edluar, Intermezzo, Ambien CR and Zolpimist. These will be available at a premium price for the customers. Brand medication is nothing but that is manufactured initially by the drug manufacturing company and established in the market.

The active ingredient in the brand drugs would be the same and that is Zolpidem. However, each brand would have its own specialty.

There is a long story for brand drugs. The researcher would have done much experimentation and had invented it. There will be lots of struggle and failure but they ended up with the best sleeping pill.

Once they have invented the medication, the drug manufacturing company would have invested so much money on manufacturing Ambien and marketing. This is why the Ambien pills are available at a premium price, unlike the generic drug.

It is very safe to take brand Ambien because there are so many clinical tests done on the drug and the list is available for the side effects that a person would suffer from. When you take the medication you can completely be aware on what would happen in your body.

Most of them prefer brand Ambien though they know that the cost of the pills are very expensive. The reliability of the drug is the most important factor that they consider. The rate of other trade medications would be affordable and they are also available in various forms. People can choose the form depending upon their need.

What is the dosage of the drug?

The initial Ambien dose recommended for women is 5 mg and for women, it is 10 mg. It should be taken only once in a day at the time of going to bed. Never administer this drug at instances when you feel that you won’t be able to take sufficient rest for 7-8 hours at night. Zolpidem is available as Edular- sublingual tablets, Zolpimist- Oral spray and Intermezzo- Rapid-acting sublingual tablets.

You need to buy Ambien 10 mg only at circumstances when you aren’t able to experience proper relief upon taking Zolpidem 5 mg. Edular tablets should not be swallowed or taken with water. Place this medication under the tongue and allow it to disintegrate. The zolpimist oral spray is a cherry-flavored solution that comes in a container.

Every single spray has the potential equivalent to 5 mg of Zolpidem. Intermezzo tablets have dosage strengths of 1.75 mg and 3.5 mg. This medication should be taken when you wake up in the middle of the night, at times when you find it difficult to fall asleep. When you are in bed, don’t swallow the tablet as a whole. Keep it under the tongue and wait for it to break completely. While buying Ambien 10 mg medication, read the prescription label to gain a clear understanding of the dosage pattern.


Ambien CR increases the sleep latency within 35 days

Ambien is an effective sedative-hypnotic medication that can be used for treating Insomnia and other sleep disorder conditions. It is a federally controlled substance categorized under Schedule IV because of its dependency factor. Individuals who are affected by Insomnia condition can take generic Ambien CR at the initial stage to get some short-term relief. This drug has the capacity to gradually decrease the sleep latency within 35 days’ time period. Dosage strengths of Ambien are 5 mg and 10 mg, which need to be administered orally.

Ambien CRAmbien 5 mg tablets are capsule-shaped, pink in color and are engraved with AMB 5 on one side and 5401 on the other side. Zolpidem 10 mg tablets also have the same resemblance but are white in color and engraved with AMB 10 on one side and 5421 on the other side. These medications should be stored only at controlled room temperature. It is advised not to take Ambien if you are allergic to Zolpidem or any other drugs that contain Zolpidem as its ingredients such as Ambien CR, Intermezzo, Zolpimist, and Edular. Before you buy sleeping medication consult with your doctor and find out the possible drug interactions if in case you take any other prescription or nonprescription medications.

What is sleep latency?

Sleep latency is described as the time it takes for an individual to fall asleep after getting into bed. The average person is awake briefly before nodding off, which means that the person is sleep efficient. However, individuals with sleep disorders tend to stay awake long after getting into bed and therefore are not sleep efficiently. There are also those who are able to fall asleep initially but have difficulty in getting back to sleep if they wake up in the middle of the night. The sleep troubles can be effectively treated with the use of Ambien CR.

How can Ambien CR improve sleep latency?

The Ambien CR is seen as a suitable drug to improve sleep latency simply because of the way it works. The drug itself is short-acting in nature and the sleep-inducing effects last for only about three hours on average. The controlled release formulation comes in a capsule. The first layer works to induce sleep soon after going to bed, and the second layer helps to stay asleep through the night.

The use of the drug should be done only with the help of the healthcare provider after being prescribed to take it. Also, the user should have at least seven to eight hours of dedicated sleep time while on this medication. Medical research has shown that the use of Ambien CR for at least 35 days can vastly improve the sleep latency in those for whom it is a problem.