formulations of zolpidem

What are the formulations of Zolpidem?

Zolpidem belongs to non-benzodiazepine class of drugs and is a preferred medication that effectively treats mood disorders and Insomnia condition. This drug works by relaxing the brain which in turn slows down all its activity. It is categorized under schedule IV controlled substance which means it has the potential to cause abuse. Individuals who are experiencing Insomnia conditions can buy Zolpidem online and take medication for a limited period of time. Zolpidem is the generic drug of Ambien and has two formulations with that of one being the Immediate Release (IR) and the other being the Extended Release (ER). One can feel euphoric effect upon taking this drug and that’s why Ambien is not recommended for non-medical reasons. Individuals who wish to fall asleep immediately can buy Zolpidem without prescription provided the dosage intake should be very low. Ambien is absorbed in the body immediately upon intake and its reaction potential reaches the peak level in shortest span of time, not greater than 90 minutes. Zolpidem achieves its half-life in the body in a few hours’ time. However, this medication stays in the body for a minimum of two days before getting discharged. It is generally said that Zolpidem generic is the preferred choice for many people as the cost is less compared to brand Ambien.